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The Salavan Province in the Southern of Laos

Salavan, the Province of Life & Nice Waterfall, Laos

Salavan province Laos

Salavan province is located at the south-east of Laos on the Bolaven Plateau which is famous for its cool climate, for its idyllic scenery but also for its world class Arabica coffee.

Salavan province has very impressive natural attractions, although much of them are difficult to access, mainly during the rainy season.

Today, Salavan province attracts travelers especially for its calm and for its charming houses of brick and wood.

The most popular destination in the province of Salavan is Tadlo, known for its tranquility and for its freshness. 

Located in the Salavan province, the Tadlo lodge offers treks, and rides on elephants for tourists. 

Three waterfalls are the hallmark of Tadlo : Hang Tat , near the village , Tat Lo , charming, and especially Tat Suong , the most spectacular but the farthest.



Located: in the southern of Laos
Total area: 10,691 square kilometers.
Population: 366,723.
08 Districts: Salavan, Ta-Oy, Toumlane, Lakhonepheng, Vapy, Khongxedon, Lao Ngarm and Samouay.
Capital of Salavan province: Salavan.

Activities in Laos in the Salavan Province

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