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The Houaphanh Province in the Northern Heritage of Laos

Houaphanh, the Province of Caves, Laos

Houaphanh province LaosHouaphanh is a mountainous province and limestone in the northeastern Laos that disposes of an abundant natural resource and beautiful scenery. 

At the north of Houaphanh, there is the largest NPA of Laos :  "Nam Et-Phou Loei" which is best known for harboring one of the most important tiger populations in indochina. 

The outstanding biodiversity of Houaphanh includes over 30 species of mammals as well as 300 species of birds. 

The Houaphanh province is also famous for its Limestone Mountains and its many caves.

Indeed, we can find more than one hundred caves in the region of Houaphanh.

Houaphan is also famous for its silk and cotton weavings.

For those who are interested to learn about weaving and to purchase high quality products at reasonable prices directly from the producers themselves, Houaphanh is well worth the visit.


Located: in the northern part of Laos (Northern Heritage Route)
Total area: 16,500 square kilometers.
Population: 317,946 people and twenty-seven different ethnic groups including Khmu, Tai Daeng and Yao.
08 Districts: Xam Neua, Xiengkhor, Viengthong, Vieng Xay, Huameuang, Xam Tai, Sopbao and Add.
Capital of Houaphanh : Xam Neua.



Activities in Laos in the Houaphanh Province

The Hidden City

The Hidden City - Houaphanh Province - Laos

The Hidden City at Vieng Xay is a network of caves used by the Pathet Lao (Lao revolutionary movement) as their military headquarters during the Indochina war.

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Vibrant Waterfalls

Vibrant Waterfalls - Houaphanh Province - Laos

The two best waterfall known in the province are Nam Noua's waterfalls , located just off the road between Xam Neua and Vieng Xay, and Tat Saloei's waterfalls, located at the South of Xam Neua, which offer their best views after the rain season.

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Nam Et Phou Loei

Nam Et Phou Loei - Houaphanh Province - Laos

The largest National protected Area of Laos, is best known for harboring one of the most important tiger populations remaining in Indochina. Its outstanding biodiversity includes over 30 species of mammals as well as over 300 species of birds.

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Hintang Archaeological Park

Hintang Archaeological Park - Houaphanh Province - Laos

Almost as mysterious as plains of Jars of Xieng Khuang, the Hintang Archaeological Park (classified at the Unesco World Heritage) gather together a unique collection of standing stones dating back more than 2000 years. 

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