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The Bolikhamxay Province in the Central of Laos

Bolikhamxay, the central Province of Laos

Bolikhamxay province LaosThe province of Bolikhamxay is located at the south of Vientiane in central Laos.
Bolikhamway is famous for its natural landscape which attract more and more tourists.

Indeed, thanks to its two national protected areas Bolikhamxay is the center for ecotourism activities.  

Nowadays, Bolikhamxay has developed eco-tourism in many regions by setting up trekking, camping, home-stay and other tourist activities based on community tourism. 

Recently, the Ban Na community has opened an elephant observation tower which  provides one of the best wildlife experiences in Laos.

3 well-known regions to visit in Bolikhamxay are PhouKhaoKhouay, NamKaDing and Nongkok.

Moreover, in the Bolikhamxay province, on the road between Vientiane and Pakxan, is situated the sacred temple of Wat Phabath, an important place of pilgrimage, in which is located a shrine containing a giant footprint of the Lord Buddha (phabath).

It is believed that all travelers passing by the temple should halt and show their respects to the spirits for a safe trip and in order to keep a strong health. 


Located: in the central provinces of Laos
Total area: 14,863 square kilometers.
Population: 264,513.
06 Districts: Paksan, Thaphabath, Pakkading, Bolikhan, Viengthong and Khamkeuth.
Capital of Bolikhamxay province: Pakxan.

Activities in Laos in the Bolikhamxay Province

Wat Phabath

Wat Phabath - Bolikhamxay Province - Laos

At 83 km from Vientiane to the south on 13 Road, Wat Phabath is an important place of pilgrimage that houses a shrine containing  a huge " foot print " of Lord Buddha. Lao's People believe that when someone is passing this place, he must stop himself for a while to pray the spirits for a good trip.

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Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area

Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area - Bolikhamxay Province - Laos

Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area (NPA) covers an area of 2.000 km2 in Bolikhamxay and Vientiane Province, and houses many key species that include wild elephants, white-cheeked gibbons and green peafowl. Nature walk are programed with local guides to visit the park's old growth forests and see waterfalls of Tad Leu, Tad Xay and Tad Xang.

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Nam Kading National Protected Area

Nam Kading National Protected Area - Bolikhamxay Province - Laos

Nam Kading NPA is an ideal place to explore biodiversity, wildlife, and to appreciate many waterfalls : Tad VangFong, Tad HuaiPaLoi, and 4 other waterfalls of Tad HuaiHinLad.

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Ban Na Hin

Ban Na Hin - Bolikhamxay Province - Laos

Ban Na (Na Village or Stone Forest) proposes guided tours to the Elephant Observation Tower in PhouKhaoKhouay National Protected Area. Tourist can sleep at the tower and wait to see wild elephants that usually come to the nearby salt lick at night. 

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Wat Phonsanh

Wat Phonsanh - Bolikhamxay Province - Laos

Located near 'Wat Phabath'. This temple overlooking the Mekong river is known for his festival "Bang Fai Phayanak" or "Naga Rocket", a mysterious and still unexplained phenomenon, which occurs every year during the 15th day of the 11th month of the Buddhist lunar calendar.

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