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The Bokeo Province in the Northern Mountains of Laos

Bokeo, the Province of Jewelery, Laos

Bokeo province LaosWelcome to the Bokeo historic  province.

Bokeo is a province situated in the northern mountains of the Laos. It shares his border with Burma and Thailand, which it's separated by the Mekong River. It also bordering the provinces of Luang Namtha, Oudomxay and Xayabury. 

Bokeo, (meaning 'gem mine') is the smallest province in Laos, in which, more than 30 diverse ethnic groups are recognized (The Lahu, a Tibeto-Burman people is present in Bokeo in large proportions).

The Bokeo province is also known for their commercial mining of precious stones and gold. Its capital Hui Sa, just across the border from the Thailand, is a popular starting point for boat trips down the Mekong to Luang Prabang, a two-day journey toward the south.

Spectacular mountain scenery, travels across the river, archeological relics, ancient's temples and multi-ethnic groups make of Bokeo a fascinating Province to visit.




Located: in the Northern Mountains
Total area: 6,196 square kilometers.
Population: 165,661

05 Districts: Houai Xay, Ton Pheung, Meung, Pha-oudom and Paktha
Capital of Bokeo province: Houai xay

Activities in Laos in the Bokeo Province

Wat Jom Khao Manilath

Wat Jom Khao Manilath - Bokeo Province - Laos

The Jom Khao Manilat temple is a religious site located on the top of a small mountain that has been built in 1880 in teak and in the Shan style with many bright colors, as these sacred places of Jakarta.

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Fort Carnot

Fort Carnot - Bokeo Province - Laos

Fort Carnot is a remnant of the French colonial period that has been builded to monitor the river and the border.

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Ban Nam Khok

Ban Nam Khok - Bokeo Province - Laos

Visit the Ban Nam Khok (The Lue village), 6 kilometers from the Houai Xay town, one of the sapphire mining of the province

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Ban Houi Sala

Ban Houi Sala - Bokeo Province - Laos

Visit the Ban Houi Sala (The Hmong village), which is around 18 kilometers from Houei Say town, one of the sapphire mining of the province.

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Ban Khao Pun

Ban Khao Pun - Bokeo Province - Laos

The village of Ban Khao Pun is famous for his produce "kanom jeen" or "rice vermicelli". 
The kanom jeen which is made in the village of Ban Khao Pun is exported to the Thai border at Chiang Kong. 
Visitors are strongly recommended to try this traditionnal flat with the fermented fish sauce , pHLA raa.

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the ancient city of Souvannakhomkham

the ancient city of Souvannakhomkham - Bokeo Province - Laos

Souvannakhomkham is an ancient archeological city located in the Tonpheung district at 56 km from "Hui Say". 
It houses notably a Buddha of 7.11 m wide and 7.22 m heigh, as well as many remains of the fourteenth century.

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Talat Muang Bokeo

Talat Muang Bokeo - Bokeo Province - Laos

Also known as Talat Sao (Morning Market), this market stands south of the city of Hui Say.

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Ban Nam Sang Hill Tribe Village

Ban Nam Sang Hill Tribe Village - Bokeo Province - Laos

The best kept secret in Huay Xai is the hill-tribe village of Ban Nam Sang that accomodate a large and rare population of the ethnicity Lao Huay.

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Ban Tom Lao

Ban Tom Lao - Bokeo Province - Laos

Ban Tom Lao village is known as his name reveals it for their production of various alcohols and their growing rice.

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Ban Yong Hin

Ban Yong Hin - Bokeo Province - Laos

Visit the Ban Yong Hin, the Thai Lue tribe's village, which features a unique attraction : mobile homes made in wood. 

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Gibbon experience

Gibbon experience - Bokeo Province - Laos

Unique experience to live at least once, discover the Bokeo Nature Reserve in Northern Laos by moving through a vast network of zip lines, sleep in trees more than 30 meters above the ground and hear the unforgettable song of Gibbons at daybreak ...

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