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The Attapeu Province in the Southern of Laos

Attapeu, the most southeastern tip of Laos

Attapeu Province Laos

Attapeu Province is located on the south-east tip of Laos and formed part of the Lane Xang Kingdom during the reign of King Saysethathirath.

In the past, Attapeu was called “IDKABUE”  (meaning buffalo dropping) because of the wild buffaloes living in this territory.

The French has translated this into "Attapeu" during the time of french administration. 

During the war against the imperialists, Attapeu became the base for National Liberation but was completely destroyed. 

Attapeu was liberated on April 28, 1970 and, is became know under the name of "The land of the Heroism". 

We can find remains from the war particularly in the eastern part of Attapeu along the Hochiminh Road.

The population of Attapeu is composed of 9 ethnic groups : Alak, Katang, Kaleum, Katou, Suay, Nge, Lave, Tahoy and Nyajeung. It's estimated at 110,000 inhabitants.

The morning market at Attapeu is a great place to see ethnic minorities, who come to sell their products. 

Treks and excursions to local hill tribe villages of Attapeu are easy to arrange and highly recommended. It is also possible to go on long jungle treks.

The ancient art of traditional pottery is still practiced in Attapeu, including the production of large vessels for rice wine (lao hai).


Located: Southern of Laos
Total area: 10.320 square kilometers.
Population: 127.285.
05 Districts: Samakkhixay, Saysettha, Sanamxay, Sanxay and Phouvong.
Capital of the Attapeu province: Samakkhixay.


Activities in Laos in the Attapeu Province

Wat Sakhae Temple

Wat Sakhae Temple - Attapeu Province - Laos

The ancient temple of Attapeu, the sacred Buddha image of Ongsene is one of the holiest of relicts.

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Wat Pha Saysettha and Saysettha Stupa

Wat Pha Saysettha and Saysettha Stupa - Attapeu Province - Laos

This old pagoda was constructed in 1577 in the village of Pha Meuang at Saysettha's district and represents a crucial moment of Lane Xang's history when King Saysetthathiral was buried.

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Nong Fa or Nong Kai Ork

Nong Fa or Nong Kai Ork - Attapeu Province - Laos

At the amid of Dong Ampham's Forest and surrounded by mountains, at 2-day walk from Sanxay District in the northeast of Attapeu is located the source of the Xe Kaman river, the Nong Fa's lake(or Blue lake).

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Tad Phaphong Waterfall

Tad Phaphong Waterfall - Attapeu Province - Laos

Tad Phapong is a waterfall on the Xe Xou River. It is also accessible by trekking or boating and is noted for its many colorful rocks that line the riverside. 

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Ban Mai and the Xe Pian National Protected Area

Ban Mai and the Xe Pian National Protected Area - Attapeu Province - Laos

Explore the Xe Pian National Protected Area’s dense forests and waterfalls and come to discover the Ban Mai village. Trek or cruise in a boat along the Xe Pian River are proposed to admire waterfalls of Tad Saephe, Tad Samongphak and Tad Saeponglai.

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Nonglom Lake

Nonglom Lake - Attapeu Province - Laos

At about 3 kilometers from Samakkhixay District. It's the best place for picnic.

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Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail - Attapeu Province - Laos

Memorian of war in Sanxay District close to Tadnampa Waterfall.

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Kavanghine Place

Kavanghine Place - Attapeu Province - Laos

The Kavanghine place, at Phouvong district, is constituted entirely with rock, and has been made in ancient times by people from the legendary Meuang Chueng culture.

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Dong Amphanh National Protected Area

Dong Amphanh National Protected Area - Attapeu Province - Laos

Dong Amphan NPA is situated in the north-east of ATTAPEU at the Annamite Chain. These mountains are steep and rugged and give rise to numerous streams and rivers, which create small floodplain areas. 

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Pottery in Ban Thahine

Pottery in Ban Thahine - Attapeu Province - Laos

At Ban Thahine Village, they make pottery since several generations. they perform all steps of the pottery making process from collecting the earth to burning and glazing the vases.
The process can be observed and jars can be buy by visitors.

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