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4000 Islands and Irrawaddy Dolphins in Champasack Province

Activity type : Nature in Laos

Si Phan Don (meaning Four Thousand Islands) is located just at the border with Cambodia. 
This beautiful area is known for its fish food, for architectural of its temples and its warm hospitality. 

These 4000 islands are dotted on a section of the Mekong. Some of these islands are so small that they’re submerged during the wet season while others are so large that they contain their own mountains and forests. 
Three of them are the main destinations for travellers : 

- Don Khong : Khong Island or Don Khong is the largest island and perhaps the most peaceful.
The island is 18 km long and 8 km wide. Known for its natural beauty, the island proposes activities like very pleasant walks which will make you discover the charm of the island such as rice fields, and temples of each village. The charming harbor, where boats leave and arrive loaded of fish, the small market of vegetable and finally the beach are worth also a stop.

- Don Det : The island of Don Det, located at the most south of Si Phan Don is by far the most popular island for travellers to Si Phan Don. it attracts mainly young travellers looking for fun.
A peaceful atmosphere reigns in the neighborhood in which you can walk bike at the edge of the Mekong or drink a BeerLao at sunset.

- Don Khon : On this stretch of the Mekong, is located  Khone Phapheng, the largest waterfall by volume of Southeast Asia, as well as Li Phi's waterfall, known for its emerald green waters. 
Many activities are proposed like bike rides or trekking, to appreciate the wild nature of the island, and to discover a new very rural side of Laos, rich in tradition and in culture.
in Extra, If you're lucky, you can see freshwater Dolphins of Irrawaddy inhabiting the Mekong  around the island.

The rest of the islands are for the majority, stay wild and uninhabited due to their minute size.


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Champassak province is a province of southern Laos border of Thailand and Cambodia. This is the only to be traversed, and not just bordered by the Mekong River. Its capital city is Pakse.

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